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Google’s tribute to honor Grace Hopper, a pioneer of computer engineering.

Breaking into the technology industry may seem scary, or nearly impossible, especially when you’re a girl. However, all it takes is confidence, passion, and persistence. How do I know that? Because I’m a girl who is trying to make her mark in the world of technology.

My name is Diane, and I am an incoming third year female undergraduate student at UCSB, studying Statistical Science. I like to connect with people, so let’s connect here! I am currently working on my own success story for myself in terms of my personal and academic life. What I’ve learned in my time here in college is that “success” is a subjective term, and everyone has their own obstacles to overcome during their journey to achieve their goals.

Hackathons: A fast paced, exciting, and fun environment for innovators.

I was exposed to the field of computer science late, which made me feel like a failure because although I was interested in it, I was unable to declare my major in it. Thus, I had to become proactive and create my own path to success to becoming a software engineer outside of school.

Along the way, I realized that the few females around me were experiencing similar negative feelings I had inside, such as lack of confidence and imposter syndrome. I used to be afraid of speaking up because I did not want to embarrass myself in front of my male peers. However, once I started reaching out to other females, I felt felt more safe. It was great knowing that there were people that I could relate to, despite our different majors and paths to success. I even started to feel comfortable outside of school by attending Hackathons to meet passionate and innovative people who have a common goal and definition of success, as I do.

Closing ceremony at AthenaHacks.

To those of you reading, you are probably a leader who wants to implement change. You are someone who recognizes the struggle that females have to face in order to succeed in this field that is dominated by men. I want to highlight the importance of building connections and reaching out for support. The focus of my website is to help you empower and create engaging learning environments in your communities in order to encourage young girls to consider exploring the technology field so that they do not have to face as many obstacles that we are currently facing.

You, an undergraduate female student, can help younger girls, your peers, and yourself, become successful on personal and academic terms. This website aims to inspire and provide hope to those who feel they are at loss and want to give up because of the obstacles they face as a female who is interested in technology and engineering. This is a website for people to recognize their voices and give voices to the future generation of innovators. This is a website I wish I had known about when I was growing up.

Working together at AthenaHacks.